Sunday, February 23, 2020

Cross-cultural briefing report Scenario GeekChic Essay

Cross-cultural briefing report Scenario GeekChic - Essay Example The various cross cultural theories in the report would help the company (GeekChic) to understand the social and cultural aspects of the markets of Paris in France. Macro Level Facts of France The economy of France is highly developed across various business segments. The estimated Gross Domestic Product of the country as recorded in 2012 was $2.291 trillion. The nation is a developed country in the global economy with about 1.7% average growth in real GDP. The per capita GDP of the country was about $36100 in 2012. The exchange rate of the currency of the country is $2.609 (CIA, 2013). The individuals of the country have a high standard of living and its aggregate rate of urbanization is about 85%. Since France is a developed nation, its currency value is high in the economy. The city of Paris in France enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. The average temperature of the country in summer is 30? centigrade and in winter, the temperature goes below 6? centigrade (Locke and T ower, 1995). Hofstede’s Analysis The Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory was established by Geert Hofstede. It shows how the behaviour of the individuals in a nation depends on the cultural values of the society (Mooij and Hofstede, 2010). If the cultural aspect of France is analyzed on the basis of this model, then it can be stated that the country scores 68 on the grounds of Power Distance Index (PDI). This in turn measures the extent to which the weaker members in a society would accept the fact that power would be distributed unequally in the society. The index of individualism in France is also high (71) (IDV). This actually means that the French people desire self care and does not prefer to be a group. In terms of a Feminine nation, the country score is 43 (MAS). The Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) of the nation is about 86. This shows that most of the individuals of the nation are highly sensitive to any uncertain changes in the market. Scoring a rate of 39, Franc e is not a long term oriented society (LTO). This means that the French individuals make prompt decisions with respect to the changes in the external world. Figure 1: Comparing of France and China (Source: The Hofstede Centre, 2013) Comparing the cross cultural views of France and China, it can be stated that in contrary to the French individuals, the Chinese are lesser traditional and lesser sensitive to uncertain circumstances and prefer being in community or groups. The above graph clearly shows the cross cultural variations between China and France. Section B: Cultural Differences While making an international business expansion in Paris (France) from China, the female manager would have to face various difficulties owing to the differences in the cultural views of French and Chinese individuals. In the modern world, the primary business objective for all the corporate firms is ‘consumerism’. Thus, it is important for GeekChic to understand the precise nature of the consumers in France. The following context of the essay would explain the different challenges or opportunities that the company might face when it would be in France for business. â€Å"Culture is just the man made part of a business environment† as stated by Herskovits (1948). After globalization, international trades between nations have increased in terms of its scale and scope of